Russian & CIS Metals & Mining Summit 2019

24th Summit for Russian & CIS metals producers and miners: steel, iron, gold, copper, aluminium, coal, energy metals

Spring 2019

Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow, Russia

Private 1-to-1 meetings with Steelmakers & Miners

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Host of 1-to-1 meetings

  • Sergey Chernov, Director, Chelpipe
  • Maxim Matveev, Vice-President, Aterra Capital
  • Vladislav Portnov, CEO, United Mongolian Mining & Investment Company
  • Ilya Shlugleyt, Communications Department, Highland Gold Mining
  • Georgy Fotin, Investment Director, Far East Investment and Export Agency
  • Mikhail Damrin, CEO, Kopy Goldfields
  • Konstantin Arshakuni, Director, Strategy and Business Development, NLMK Steel

How to reserve 1-to-1 Meetings?
1. Please,  send email to Anna Gracheva with four names of who you would like to meet in order of preference. 
2.Please note that only two meetings will be booked, but in case your first choices are no longer available, we want to be in a position to offer you your 3rd and 4th choices.